Yoga Basics 6-Week Program

Kickstart your yoga journey, build strength and flexibility, and gain confidence (on and off your mat)!


You want clear, step-by-step instructions on how to actually do yoga poses in your body.

You want to be stronger and more flexible (both physically and mentally).

You want to feel confident to step onto your mat without questioning what you’re doing or how you’re doing it.

You want to have a real community of people to connect with and find support

And most of all, You want to consistently do yoga but everything you’ve tried either doesn’t speak to you or just too advanced.

Are you confused about how to start practicing yoga?

Do you feel embarrassed to join a class?

Are you stumped about how to “find your flow” when practicing yoga?

Do you feel unsure of yourself in class (like you’re out of place)?

Are most yoga classes way too advanced for you?

Do you feel like you look ridiculous in a pose?

Does the lingering thought, “I’m not flexible enough for yoga!” keep coming up?


Despite your best efforts, it just seems like you can’t find the right information for you. Meanwhile others seem to effortlessly hop on their mats and flow.

Years ago, you would've needed to go to a yoga studio, gym, or purchase videos or books in order to learn how to practice yoga.

Well...things have changed and now the Internet is FULL of resources for learning yoga (from wherever you are).

This is really cool, but also really overwhelming.

You can spend hours searching the Internet compiling all of the free yoga resources, but how valuable is that? It’s like building the Frankenstein version of your “assumed” best approach for starting yoga.

The yoga world is simply too big to navigate alone.

Sure, there are eBooks, online classes, beginner's workshops, and blog posts galore - but those options range from free - hundreds and thousands of dollars, AND most of the time they don’t help you build a foundation and community along the way.

The eBook route is nice - I did it. But it was just a PDF that I had to print myself and then constantly look at as I was trying to learn a pose. Plus, all of the beginners eBooks I could find were overpriced and not as easy to understand as promised.


And inevitably these thoughts come up,

“I don’t look like 'them' so I must not be doing it right.”

“You need to be flexible to do yoga - I can’t even touch my toes!”

“I don’t have a lean, yoga body.”

“Everyone is going to be looking at me.”

“I don’t have time to commit to a 1 hour class multiple days a week.”

“I can’t afford a yoga membership right now.”

But why are these thoughts so bad? Because they will keep you stuck. They hold you back from getting your feet wet and actually experiencing yoga.

How do I know? Because I've been in your shoes. I know how it feels.

When I decided I wanted to start doing yoga, I was lost and confused. I kept looking in a thousand different places for a few simple answers, like:

  • What kind of class should I take?
  • Do I need to know every pose to start?
  • What are those crazy Sanskrit words they say?!
  • What am I supposed to do before and after class to get the most out of it?
  • How do I start learning at home?
  • What kind of mat should I buy?

I kept thinking to myself...

“Will I look stupid?

“What if I do it wrong and the teacher calls me out?”

“What if someone makes fun of me?”

“I can’t go to a class until I know what I’m doing, which is going to take too much time to learn, so I’ll actually never feel confident enough to go to a class”

I couldn’t seem to find what I wanted to know in one place.

It was frustrating and intimidating and I felt really overwhelmed.

I tried practicing at home over going to a class, but the videos I found were confusing. I felt like I was wasting time not understanding what was actually going on.

These approaches are what’s available out there. eBooks or random online classes that aren’t catered to you. I saw this problem and knew there could be a better solution!

I persisted because I knew yoga was for me, somehow, some way. I knew that this practice was something I needed. I knew it was a path for me to take better care of myself, something that would give me more mindfulness, more mobility, and more overall wellbeing.

And, I have a feeling you know this, too.

Through years of practice, I eventually found a way to get on my mat on a regular basis. This led me to certify as a yoga teacher myself.

Now I can hop on my mat, create my own flows and feel comfortable in my own skin both at home and in a studio.

But I also realized: you don't need wait so long or become a yoga teacher to find that confidence in your practice.

I don’t want you to feel stuck and lost for years like I did.

That's why I specialize in helping beginners just like you fall in love with yoga, too. Because the truth is, yoga is for everybody and should be easily accessible if someone chooses to explore it.


A 6-week online program with people just like you going through all of the same stuff.

Helping each other.

Holding each other accountable.

Celebrating each other.

AND actually making progress and showing up consistently for themselves (and the community).

I discovered this is what was missing. But it isn’t anymore.

By using my step-by-step approach of breaking down the basics and sharing this journey with others, I’ve become more confident, maintain a consistent practice (by my own rules), and see the results and benefits spilling over into my daily life.


You felt more confident in your presence. More centered and grounded in your decisions. Stress decreased and clarity increased.

You were able to show up in the world in a much bigger way.

You were able to step into any studio or any class and immediately feel confident in whatever comes your way.

You no longer felt like you have to compare yourself to others. That means you can finally enjoy practicing in a group setting because it adds to your experience (instead of taking away from it).

And most importantly, you could stop struggling to move with ease. Instead you'd feel completely at home in your body.

Because this practice is more than just rolling out your mat and attending a regular Monday night class.

This practice is transformative and will follow you into your daily life.

This course is closed for enrollment.


Course Curriculum:


In the first two weeks you will learn essential poses for getting started, how to modify and explore them in your body, how to connect movement with breath, learn the key elements of flow, explore ways to add exploration and play into your practice, and more.


In week three we look at the functions of what we learned in weeks 1 and 2. We will explore how to integrate these practices into your daily life, learn some hamstring and balancing poses, try out some 15 and 30 minute flows, and much more.


In week 4 we will cover core activation and strength, along with backbending poses, which are both essential for flow. *Backbending does not mean insane contortion - there are subtle backhanding poses that have huge benefits.


In week five we will continue our focus on flow and cover opening and rejuvenation poses and practices. We will also introduce Yoga Games and you will also get some fun, flowy playlists.


In our final week we will come full circle with everything we’ve learned. We will dig deeper into self and our practice with various yoga classes, address any lingering thoughts, try on some more flows, reflect, and establish individual plans for moving forward.

The entire program is compiled of weekly video modules, a complete pose eBook, a 60+ pose library video, workbooks and checklists, and group discussion.


P.s. That's over $1,000 worth of bonus content, if you're keeping track ;)

This course is closed for enrollment.

"I started Hailey’s basic yoga program and fell in love with how easy and down to earth everything was! -- It's so well organized! I love it! -- The photos are so helpful. I did the poses with my younger sister while my little brother read out the instructions to us and it was so fun and easy to follow! Thank you thank you thank you!"

- Cheyenne

"First off THANK YOU so much for this program!! I have been looking for something like this for awhile now :D I am here because I want to feel confident in my yoga moves and have better flow with them and not have to second guess what move to do next and just flow right into it!! I do have a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia which yoga and nutrition is a huge part of keeping my symptoms down.. so for me this program is going to help me out huge with both of those! First day and already feeling excited on what is to come!!"

- Theresa

"Your Yoga Basics came at exactly the right time for me. It's been a goal all year to at least try yoga, and the closest I got was bringing my mat into the bedroom. But Monday night I did my first video I just found on YouTube - slept like a dream. I've done it the every night (and a quick 5-minute stretch in the morning) and I'm loving it. I'm excited about your online program because I know that I can trust you to help me grow instead of just trying to figure it out on my own. Getting to do this with you is going to be fun for me! xoxo"

- Brooke

"...What an amazing program this is to bring people together! What brought me here is basically to continue to grow in my yoga practice and learn as much as I can always. I truly believe in having a beginner's mind is the best outlook I can have in life and my yoga practice of course. I LOVE to learn and this new ebook/program is just what I was looking for! I am excited to continue to connect with you all and grow on our yoga journey together!..."

- Meredith

"This program is such an awesome place to start!"

- Alexis

Your Instructor

Hailey Heishman
Hailey Heishman

Hailey is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher who specializes in helping beginners just like you fall in love with yoga. She believes that yoga is for everybody and should be easily accessible if someone chooses to explore it.

With Yoga Basics you get all of the benefits of accessing yoga wherever you are without the stress of wondering if you're doing it right or trying to find a class time that fits your busy schedule.

  • Beginners eBooks will run you anywhere from $29.99 - $45 (and only show you pictures of poses).
  • One month at a studio will cost you on average $120 per month (and you can't really ask personal questions in the middle of a class).
  • Beginner's workshops start at around $45 (and then you have to pay even more to find out what might work best for you moving forward).
  • Private sessions start at $100 per hour (and don't offer the community aspect for support).
  • Online video trainings without support start at $80 (and leave you to figure it out on your own).

So you have an option, choose one of the above and try to piece your journey together


join a group of people just like you on this journey to strength, flexibility, and more confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
You will have immediate access to the course, but we will begin as a group on August 1, 2018. You will have access to the course forever.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
How is this program different from other beginner's programs out there?
While a lot of other options out there are just an eBook or videos, Yoga Basics is both (and more). With yoga basics you get clear and precise instruction every day to help you start and progress in your yoga practice. You won't just be looking at a pose and trying to do it - hoping that it's "right". In Yoga Basics we break down a few poses at a time and check in to really explore how we feel in that pose and what's happening in our body. There are eBooks (and books) out there, but what they don't give you is a sense of support or further information beyond what's published.
How much time a day does this take?
Yoga basics videos are anywhere from 5 - 30 minutes max. (with the exception of the pose library which we break up over 3 weeks). Each day’s tasks are short and simple. You can devote as little or as much time as you need to get through the work.
What if I get behind and can’t catch up?
There are rest/exploration days each week to catch up, take a break or dig deeper on your own terms. Plus, you have access to yoga basics forever, so no rush.
I’m not flexible/have some physical constraints that may stop me from doing this program...
Always, always consult your physician before starting a new program. There are many modifications and variations of poses that you can explore depending on your physical state. Be open to the fact that your “said pose” may not look like someone else’s and that’s 100% normal. This program is NOT tailor made and is generalized for anyone in good standing health to begin. Use your best judgement and understand that I am not liable for any injury that occurs during the program. You can always ask questions in the Facebook group or email me directly if you need specific guidance (something you don't get in other programs!).

Yoga basics was created to give you the resources you need, but I can’t make you do the work.

Don’t make the mistake of spending hours searching YouTube for a beginners video or guessing at the risk of injuring yourself.

Yoga Basics shares everything you need to know about getting into a pose to creating your own flows (whether you’re alone or in a class).

If you ignore your desire to start yoga because you don’t know where to start, then you’ll never learn. What most people do when facing this new journey is get stuck in one studio or to one teacher and never discover all of the possibility the world of yoga has to offer.

This course is closed for enrollment.